Cross-border e-commerce is set to go on a roller-coaster ride with the new EU VAT Package - is your business ready for a massive increase in customs declarations?
Stay compliant with x7trade!

  • Unlimited e-commerce parcels
  • Instantly declared
  • VAT collected
  • Reports done
  • Compliance achieved

Welcome to Feeport, a new European enterprise, which develops, tests and runs unique software platform solutions for seamless cross-border flow of e-commerce goods.

Feeport is a combination of experienced business and tech people forming a team to create new, data-driven solutions for EU and non-EU e-commerce companies.

Meet and explore our first product – X7trade – a new generation software platform that simplifies and automates the customs clearance process of low-value e-commerce goods imported into the European Union. And what matters the most is that our platform is fully compliant with the latest EU regulation known as the new VAT e-Commerce package.