What changes in the air cargo & e-commerce industry from March 2023?

From March 2023 the air cargo industry will get the first real feel of the EU´s new customs pre-arrival security and safety program underpinned by much discussed Import Control System 2 (release 2).

Known as ICS2 it is the Union´s IT system created to collect data about all goods entering the EU prior to their arrival through an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS). From March 2023, Economic Operators (EO) involved in handling, shipping and transporting of general air cargo, express or postal consignments to or via the EU by air will have to comply with new data reporting requirements.

What is PLACI?

Pre-loading Advance Cargo Information (PLACI) is a first layer of security risk analysis for the EU Customs authorities before giving a green light for the air cargo and mail to be loaded onto an aircraft departing from a third country. It consists of eight data elements, known as 7+1.

This dataset needs to be safely and as early as possible transmitted to the EU´s Common Repository and the approval message needs to be received and transmitted to the airline for any cargo or mail to be loaded onto the aircraft. 

The prime responsibility for submitting the PLACI dataset lies with the air carriers, however, its partner network like freight forwarders or logistics providers can submit PLACI on behalf of the airlines. It is expected that for ecommerce, as consolidated shipments contain enormous amounts of parcels data (House Waybills), air carriers may delegate PLACI filing to freight forwarders and will start to accept shipments with positive PLACI filing (OK-To-Load) only.

Not ready for PLACI? Feeport will offer PLACI filing as a software service 

Investing in a secure and specific layer of PLACI capable software can prove to be too costly and burdensome for most of the supply chain members, especially the go live deadline in less than six months from now. 

This is why Feeport is developing for the supply chain members a unique and neutral PLACI-enabled IT capability, offered on a pay-as-you-use principle to securely file the preloading dataset.  

Feeport PLACI communication engine can be used by any member of the supply chain responsible for filing PLACI to the EU´s Central Customs Repository through a variety of data exchange channels. Just choose what suits your business the most either via web-interface or API.

Moreover, the new PLACI capability will be integrated into our existing Feeport´s x7trade customs clearance platform. This, in turn, will offer Feeport´s incumbent business customers and potential ones even more critical technology solutions for ecommerce logistics under one platform roof.

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