ENS (Entry Summary Declaration)

The Challenge

When goods are imported into the European Union (EU), the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) is the initial document required by EU customs. Historically, airlines handled ENS submissions, and it wasn’t a concern.

However, as of October 2nd, 2023, the EU now demands highly detailed ENS data for every small parcel, posing a challenge for airlines unequipped to process this massive data for e-commerce shipments. Consequently, the responsibility falls on those with access to this data – consolidators and freight forwarders.

  • Handling Massive Data

    The EU mandates extensive data for each parcel in ENS, including sender, receiver, purchase details, and parcel contents, and there can be thousands of parcels within one air cargo shipment. Much of this information cannot be shared with airlines due to business data protection, legal restrictions on personal data sharing, technological capabilities in the air cargo industry, and the sheer volume of data. EU customs now requires other parties, such as consolidators and freight forwarders, to submit this data.

  • Access to Data

    Submitting ENS is just the start. When shipments arrive in the EU, they must be presented to customs based on ENS data. However, ground handlers at airports often lack access to this data, creating a challenge: how to present shipments to customs without it. It’s important to realize that even though freight forwarders might not see it as their direct concern, if ground handlers encounter issues, it can impact everyone in the supply chain, causing delays or disruptions.

  • Integrating with the New System

    These regulatory adaptations necessitate the adoption of a new EU-wide communication system, an indispensable prerequisite for complying with the ICS-2 requirements. Every business tasked with document filing must establish connectivity within this complex system.


ICS-2 regulations bring a significant shift in air cargo management, particularly impacting e-commerce shippers. Non-compliance with these regulations can lead to shipment delays or rejection by EU customs authorities, potentially resulting in financial and operational challenges. Hence, freight forwarders must partner with reliable experts to address these challenges effectively.

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