X7trade is a smart and secure customs clearance software platform serving as a high-speed data channel connecting non-EU e-commerce suppliers (and their European counterparts or subsidiaries) with national customs IT systems within the European Union. With the help of X7trade, millions of import customs declarations for low-value e-commerce goods can be easily lodged and securely transmitted to the national customs databases of various EU Member States. 

This cross-border e-commerce platform makes customs clearance procedures under an H7 profile simpler and more efficient. The main benefit of using X7trade is the ability to make customs import declarations for an unlimited amount of e-commerce parcels in a matter of seconds. Another benefit of the Feeport customs clearance platform is that it will ensure that the VAT on imported e-commerce goods is correctly paid to the EU Member State of destination.

● Unlimited H7 dataset declarations generated in seconds (IOSS, Special arrangement, Standard collection) 

● HS code automated search (matching, classification)

● Data digitization

● API connections with the customs offices of EU Member States

● VAT e-commerce package compliant

● Status events for logistics service providers or e-commerce platforms

● Real-time overview of submitted import customs declarations with the H7 dataset

● Declaration’s archive

● Reports

One of the biggest challenges for cross-border e-traders under the new customs import declaration environment process is data quality and accuracy being delivered on time.  The H7 profile, with its super reduced dataset, must be made available at the moment that a custom’s clearance declaration is lodged with an EU Member State custom’s office. The crucial data elements in this process are HS codes (Harmonized System Codes) generated on an item level for all imported e-commerce consignments.