The Team

Feeport is a new startup company but its founders are anything but new to the world of e-commerce and global logistics flows. Our team consists of senior managers with backgrounds in global supply chains, including air cargo, freight forwarding, customs brokerage and even creating a new postal services company. Feeport is also backed by an amazing team who previously built unique SaaS platforms for European e-commerce logistics companies and air cargo handlers. 

Our founding team members at Feeport have pioneered the way e-commerce goods are transported to and handled in various European logistics hubs. They have directly contributed to the rise of several new logistics service providers on the EU-Asia e-commerce cross-border trade lanes by providing them with custom-tailored innovative software solutions. 

Our co-founders 

Mr. Ojari Paas (MBA) is the CEO and owner of Live Technologies OÜ. With his long experience in the logistics industry and the customs brokerage field in particular, Ojari has established an extensive professional network across the industry and gained a well-rounded understanding of the needs and pains of different supply chain members. For the last 20 years Mr. Ojari has also led the customs brokerage and warehousing company Combidek Logistika OÜ.  

Mr. Markus Paks (BInfTech) is the Chief Technology Officer at the software technology company Qstep logiciel OÜ. Mr. Paks started his career as a software engineer at Elion which later became part of one of Europe’s biggest telecom companies. In 2015, Mr. Paks partnered with the software technology company Qstep and became its technology team leader, overseeing the company´s own digital transformation and deployment of Qstep SaaS platforms across new markets.

Ms. Maige Peterson (BBA) is a seasoned professional with 20+ years of experience in the customs and eCommerce logistics field. Graduate of University of Tartu, Maige is a true pro when it comes to customs clearance & regulation, import & export procedures; she also has first-hand knowledge of the entire flow of eCommerce goods from a customs perspective. Maige has previously led customs and logistics departments at such firms like DB Schenker and Post 11.

Mr. Haiti Arendi is the co-founder and CEO of the software technology company Qstep logiciel OÜ which specializes in providing in-house developed Software-as-a-Service platforms for air cargo handling and new e-commerce logistics-oriented companies. Mr. Arendi began his versatile career in the freight forwarding business before moving on to head up Ospentos International OÜ, turning it into the leading cargo handler and Road Feeder Service provider in the Baltic States. He is one of the recognized experts in the region on air cargo and e-commerce logistics as well as a vocal supporter of digitalization in the supply chain.

Mr. Egor Paanukoski (M. Pol.Sci) is the Chief Growth Officer at the software technology company Qstep logiciel OÜ.  Mr. Paanukoski started his career as a business correspondent for the global newswires before assuming the role of Business Development and Public Relations Manager for Nordic companies in Eastern Europe. During an international career, he has thrived in the areas of corporate image formation and business growth. Mr. Paanukoski’s track record includes working for global technology companies, Fintech and financial outsourcing firms, real estate investment management companies and supply chain logistics.